Ladies Learning Code: functions.php Quick Tips & Tricks

What a great day working with everyone at Ladies Learning Code Edmonton Addition!

As a mentor, I was paired up with a super smart and speedy group that wanted to get just a little more out of their session so I decided to dive into their functions.php file with them and show them how to make a few easy customizations. Below is the code we used in the functions.php.

Change your WordPress Login Logo & Link

Here’s a quick way to customize your WordPress login logo to the Ladies Learning Code login logo. This code will also link the LLC logo to their website.

Step 1: Right click the image below > Download > Place it in the following place in your theme file > wp-content/themes/ladies-learning-code/i/llc-logo.png



Disable unwanted dashboard widgets

Hate how busy your WordPress Dashboard looks when you log in? Paste the code below into your functions.php file and watch them be disabled! It’s like magic but cooler…it’s code!

The one thing you’ll notice is that I commented out the ‘Right Now’ and ‘Recent Comments’ dashboard widgets. I did this because I find these widgets to be the only important ones that you SHOULD keep in your Dashboard.

Set the image upload default to ‘no link’

I get really annoyed when I’m trying to add a new image to my WordPress page/post and it automatically links to itself, opening it in a new page when someone clicks on it. Don’t be a linky linkerton, disable to auto linking by placing the code below in your WordPress themes functions.php file.