November Meetup Review

Thanks to everyone who came out to our last meetup of the year! Here’s a recap of links, plugins and some notes that were mentioned by the panelists.

What do you use for image compression?

Which plugins would you like to see rolled into WP Core?

XML sitemaps
Google Analytics

What are your recommendations for keeping a WordPress installation Secure?

Do not have a username of admin.
Try not to have the first user in your database with an ID of 1.
Pick a good hosting provider – shouldn’t be paying less than $5 per month.
Forms (search form) is a vector for SQL injection attacks so try to limit usage
Don’t let people upload files to your site
Try to use SSL as often as possible
Strong passwords on WP users, FTP, cPanel
Back up on a regular basis
If you are hacked, make sure you change ALL of the passwords for users on your site and all passwords associated with your hosting. Use a strong password.

What’s the best eCommerce solution for WordPress?

Paypal buttons
Separate subdomain for your store that is hosted on an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

Best way to make responsive themes?

Use a default WP theme and child theme it

Best ways to concatenate JS and CSS? – to test out SASS
WP’s built in enqueue functions – anything above the fold is inlined so it loads with the HTML then lazy load the remainder

What are the options for video hosting with WordPress? – analytics are great – can lock down the iframe so you can only watch it from a certain URL
Do not upload videos to your site. It slows everything down and eats your bandwidth. Leave it to the experts.

banner Don’t forget there will be no meeting in December, we’ll resume meetups in January. We’re still looking for speakers and volunteers, don’t be shy!

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